The future of music, a place filled with the spirit of creativity and family. We looked ahead and saw a new direction where awesome collaborations and infinite possibilities reign. We’re small enough and agile enough to set our own rules and you are the winner, no, everybody wins. We found a way to make the music the thing that matters...the way it should be!
Our Compilations
Gone are the days when you buy a new album or CD because it has one or two songs that you really want and several you don’t. We at MistakenID Productions believe that a change is long overdue. We’ve never liked that and it’s our guess that you don’t either, and we did something about it. We’ve put together a family of musicians and songwriters to make every song we put out there the “best song on the album”. We did that by looking at each song and matching to the artists in our family who we think are best suited for it. What we get is a CD with 10 songs that could each be a hit song in its own right. Whether you choose to download one or two songs or buy one of our CDs, you only get the good stuff. And the growth of the internet has given us the ability to bring this to you directly at a price that is reasonable and fair.
Our Stand-Alones

This is our nod to the old school version of the music industry. When it’s just that good, you always want one more and then one more, you get the idea. These artists had so much to offer, we allotted them a special place within MistakenID Productions.

The industry will never be the same…